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5 Best Pants To Wear With Ankle Boot for Men


When it comes to foot wears, boot is usually on the top list, most men love to wear boots knowing that it matches almost all attire that they wear and knowing pants to wear with ankle boot is an added advantage.

At times some men can wear a pair of boot through the week, from work till its weekend. Combining with either jean or some other pants and still look dapper and fashionable.

It doesn’t really matter the color of the jean, boots are always good and they are easy to wear. One who don’t really want to dress much can just take a nice pant and you’re good to go.


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Here are the best pants to wear with boots and make a good fashion statement

1. Jeans

Most times, Jean pants are best worn with ankle boots to give your legs a very good and adorable look.

The pants to wear with boots can either be a skinny jean or a little loosed and should be a little above the ankle to give the best fitting.

5 Best Pants for Boots for Every Man
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2. Plain Pants

These pants are straight from waist to ankle, usually with no much or no style. It is usually with a running line(Crease) from the waist to the ankle, that make it look smarter.

Plain pants are often worn with boots, because the look cooperate and can be used for some official events and majorly work place.Boot can be classified as all whether, know it fits any kind of dressing and cloth combination.

5 Best Pants for Boots for Every Man
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Plain Pants
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3. Chinos Pants

These pants has little similarity with jean, its also an all whether pant, that can be used either for casual dressing or cooperate dressing depending on your combination.

Boots, are worn with Chinos pants, especially when the pant is above the ankle. It best worn with a shirt and a boot.

The combination of these is one the easiest ways to dress will going out either on a date, work, or when hanging out with family.

4. Ankara Pants

Ankara pants are made from the African Ankara materials, they take form of plain pants, but this time with Ankara.

Its best worn with boots and they look very good with it. Most times, it seems like its the best to wear with boots.

Any color of boot can go but depending on the color of the Ankara pant to be worn with it.

In the African countries, the are worn to work places, highly rated occasions and much more events that require cooperate dress.

Ankara Pants
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5. Cropped Pants

Boots in general fits cropped pants and pants above the ankle. These will give you the perfect fitting you desired, and make you look exceedingly smart. Long socks placed under the pant.

5 Best Pants for Boots for Every Man

Cropped Pants
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These top pants to wear with ankle boot makes it easy to wear the boot and shows that the boot is a versatile footwear which can be worn with any outfit including trousers.



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