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Top 5 Black Hair Dye That Doesn’t Fade


Black hair dye has been in existence since the ancient time. Most times, hairdressing has changed our hair color from what it used to be to something else.

There are a lot of factors that bring about this change. It could be from a lot of chemicals we use while making the hair or even hereditary factors.  

Black dye is the most popular hair dye people use. However, one can use it to restore the natural color of the hair. The rate at which men and women dye their hair is very high. 

What is a hair dye?

Hair dye is the mixture of chemicals all to change the hair color. 

The content of a hair dye includes; resorcinol, MEA, ammonia, persulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, PPD(allows the black to bond with the hair). It is vital to make the right choice of hairs dye that doesn’t fade. Here is the list of hair dye that doesn’t fade.

How To Use a Hair Dye

  • Be sure that the hair is healthy by applying a clarifying treatment, protein treatment, and a conditional treatment to be sure that the hair is healthy. It will prolong the life of the new shades and make the color even.
  • Prep your workspace to avoid messing up our whole bathroom. It takes a whole lot of time to get it off on any surface.
  • Read the instructions on the Kit and follow instructions.


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List of Hair Dye You Should Consider Using

1. Revlon hair dye

Top 5 Black Hair Dye That Doesn't Fade

Revlon hair dye gives you that natural hair texture and the look you desire with its incredible black color. It is an excellent solution to covering grey hair or any other color of hair. It is very affordable.

2. Dark and Lovely Fade Resist

Dark and lovely is sure to resist fade. It lasts longer than you think. However, it is the most popular among women than men.

There is a lot of testimony of how long it lasts. It helps cover that sunburn for men. I highly recommend this for that adorable and fancy look.

3. Youthair Cream

In search of hair dye for me? Youthair is the long-lasting hair cream most men use. It gives the desired texture and looks that will keep you looking fresh all day.

However, It is not easy making that right choice, but Youthair is a better choice. It is easy to use too, in case you want to do it yourself.

4. New Moon Cream

hair dye

When you talk about natural hair dyes, the New moon is one of the natural black hair dye to count on because of its content.

It consists of organic mixtures such as Ganoderma, Ginseng, Noni, Olive, Aloe Vera. All these help in the natural coloring of the hair. For the desired result, abstain from any chemical that will prevent the dye from getting to the last step.

5. Organic Ginseng Hair Dye

black hair dye

Ginseng is a herbal supplement and medicine that is used for endurance and energy, lowing blood sugar, reducing stress, and, most of all, for a cosmetic product like hair dye. It can strengthen hair without any additional side effects.


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Having seen the list of the top 5 black hair dye that doesn’t fade, do you have any other you’ve tried and wish to share with us? Use the comment box below to share your thought…


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