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Top 10 Best Travel Makeup Bags for Women


One thing we all know is Makeup bags are a must for every lady out there, whether you’re trying to keep track of your cosmetic products, skipping town for the weekend or traveling long distances it is a sure accessory for any occasion.

Sometimes we get confused about what kind of bags to carry, which is entirely reasonable; however, we’ve decided to make it all easier for you. If you plan on skipping town for a few days, then a small travel bag would be enough to keep all your beauty kit.

However, If you plan on staying longer, then something bigger with several compartments would do justice for the job. So whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered. These bags are our top picks that will be sure to give you that fashionable look while making you stand out from the crowd.


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Here are the top 10 women travel Makeup Bags you should consider

1. Leatherology Medium Clamshell Makeup Bag

Leatherology is one brand everyone wishes to have, including this stylish yet functional makeup bag. This bag stands out with its features with a clamshell opening that gives you easy visibility to quickly find items inside.

The interior zippered pocket and water-resistant lining makes this bag extra-convenient and a necessary accessory to have.


Leatherology Medium Clamshell Makeup Bag


2. Calpak Hard Side Cosmetics Case

Looking for an extra-durable way to store your beauty products? This hardshell case from Calpak is the perfect fit. Its marble print is stylish, and did I tell you it can be carried multiple ways. There are various pockets on the interior of the bag to keep you stylishly organized.

Calpak Hard Side Cosmetics Case


3. JAVOedge Double Layer Makeup Cosmetic Bag and Jewlry Storage

What can I say, extremely lightweight, the water-resistant organizer has plenty of room for beauty essentials. It also comes with a dedicated compartment for jewelry, necklace loops.

JAVOedge Double Layer Makeup Cosmetic Bag and Jewlry Storage


4. Samonite Large Toiletry Kit

This bag is large enough to fit all of your items thanks to a variety of pockets and compartments, including a removable clear zippered pouch.

Samsonite Large Toiletry Kit



5. Chomieu Professional Travel Makeup Case

If you’re traveling for a long period of time and you’ve got lots of makeup products, a professional-style case like this one from Chomeiu is the way to go. It has several pockets specifically for brushes, and it also includes adjustable padded dividers to keep glass bottles and other products secure.


Chomieu Professional Travel Makeup Case


6. Tumi Madina Cosmetic Bag

Tumi is one trusted luggage brand everyone wants, but it also makes sleek, convenient travel accessories, like this cosmetic case. This spacious bag opens up fully and can be hung from a bathroom hook, making it the perfect kit if you prefer to store toiletries and beauty packs in the same bag.

Tumi Madina Cosmetic Bag

7. MKPCW Portable Travel Makeup Bag

Do you want to keep your beauty kits organized? This bag comes with several sizeable compartments to help you properly arrange your beauty products. Did I also mention that it’s also very affordable with good review on Amazon

MKPCW Portable Travel Makeup Bag



8. Paravel The See-all Vanity Case

The See-all Vanity Case is one make up bag that is stylishly built for you. It’s lightweight with plenty of room for toiletries, cosmetics, and other essentials. It’s hard to find a travel makeup bag more stylish than this.

Paravel The See-all Vanity Case


9. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

If you don’t like to edit down your beauty routine, then this is the perfect bag for you. Complete with two removable mesh cubes, a snap-on pouch, and a woven panel for storing makeup brushes, this makeup case from Fenty Beauty is perfect for a traveler like you. This case has room for all your essentials and more, thereby making it the ideal bag for an extended stay or vacation.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna


10. Hershel Supply Co. Chapter Carry-on Dopp Kit

Its a durable canvas bag with waterproof zipper, ensuring that all your travel beauty essentials are safe and secure in transit. It also has an exterior zippered pocket, which allows you to keep your go-to items within reach.

Hershel Supply Co. Chapter Carry-on Dopp Kit


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These top 10 Travel Makeup kit are a must-have for those who wanna travel either for an extended period or just skipping town over the weekend; you can’t go wrong with these.

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